SPUMC spyrit squad

The youth are very important to the world today, and to our church. We focus on how to help our youth adjust to being pre-teens and teens and prepare them to become strong young men and women of God.

Each Sunday afternoon in the Youth Room 110 at 4:00 pm, youth in grades six through twelve gather for dinner, fellowship, games, and a lesson that corresponds to what society is doing and what the Bible says about it.  We want to provide a safe environment for taking the issues of today and simply discuss how they affect us all.

youth mission trip

Giving back to the community is an aspect of youth service our kids truly enjoy. During our past mission trips, the youth have worked hard during the day painting, sawing, cutting, building, cleaning, landscaping, and many other renovation jobs. Nightly, there is worship and organized activities. They have teamed up with other church youth groups from Texas and Louisiana to perform a variety of home-site remodeling jobs. We also offered our services in support of food and clothing pantries, donated time and efforts at a second-hand resale shop, and prepared, organized, and helped distribute to over 2500 elementary/middle school students with back-to-school supplies and clothing kits. As a result of these experiences, our youth have a deeper understanding of what serving others really means.