That’s right - it’s time for Mission Trip 2022!

June 26 - July 1

We are teaming up with UM Army again and travelling

up to Belton, TX to serve those in need in their community. 

Our youth will be working at the Belton Christian Youth Center

repairing and repainting classrooms, and helping with housing and community needs.

Our Youth Group has been fundraising since last year selling baked goods, calendars, stocks, 

and working hard to raise funds, but we still have a ways to go. For more information

on how you can help support our youth, contact the office at 

youth mission trip

Giving back to the community is an aspect of youth service our kids truly enjoy. During our past mission trips, the youth have worked hard during the day painting, sawing, cutting, building, cleaning, landscaping, and many other renovation jobs. Nightly, there is worship and organized activities. Recently they teamed up with other church youth groups from Texas and Louisiana  and the UM Army to perform a variety of home-site remodeling jobs in Bryan, Texas. We also offered our services in support of food and clothing pantries, church work parties and church events. As a result of these experiences, our youth have a deeper understanding of what serving others really means.

Click here to view the video montage from our 2021 week in Bryan!