Future of Our Church

Christian Discernment (verb): A decision-making process, guided by God, to help an individual make a discovery that can lead to future action.

Many have possibly heard about the ongoing discussions to leave the United Methodist Church. It is a discussion that is happening not only here in Houston, but across the country. Throughout this process, it is important that all Methodists take the time necessary to read, listen, and pray about the topics and concerns being raised. Educate yourselves about the issues on both sides of the topic - do not close your hearts to one another. St. Philip's UMC would like to be as transparent as possible and offer resources about the ongoing discussions within our denomination and our surrounding sister churches.

At this time, the Board of Stewards has voted not to enter a Period of Discernment.

Regardless of the outcome, this church will remain true to its mission - to serve, love, and spread the gospel to all of our neighbors. We are who we have always been - a church with doors open wide so that all may receive the good news of Christ.