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10:30 am - 11:30 am


Theme:  In the trials of one family, we find hope for our own.

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June 7, 2020        “God’s Perfect Family” 

                               Genesis 1:1 – 2:4

                                  Theme:  Perfect unity


June 14, 2020         “God Chooses an Imperfect Family”

                                  Genesis 18:1-15; 21:1-7

                                  Theme: God blesses all families through one family.


June 21, 2020         “A Painful Shortcut” 

                                  Genesis 21:8-21

                                  Theme:  We get impatient, but God redeems our mistakes.


June 28, 2020        “An Unthinkable Trial”

                                  Genesis 22:1-14

                                 Theme:  Even in the deepest trials, God makes a way.


July 5, 2020            “A Biblical Romance?”

                                  Genesis 24:34-67

                                  Theme:  Romance is a small part of God’s greater story.


July 12, 2020           “Sibling Rivalry, Part 1”

                                  Genesis 25:19-34

                                  Theme:  When we are all at fault, God is all-faithful.


July 19, 2020           “Works in Progress”

                                  Genesis 28:10-19

                                  Theme:  Every family has difficult people, but there is hope for change.


July 26, 2020          “Sibling Rivalry, Part 2”

                                  Genesis 29:15-28

                                   Theme:  We seek power, but God seeks our good.


August 2, 2020       “Holy Wrestling”

                                  Genesis 32:22-31

                                  Theme:  When we wrestle with doubt and fear, God blesses us.


August 9, 2020       "Sibling Rivalry, Part 3”

                                  Genesis 37:1-28

                                  Theme:  No more playing favorites – we are all longing for love.


August 16, 2020     “Forgiveness in the Family”

                                 Genesis 45:1-15

                              Theme:  God empowers us to forgive.