Prayer requests

In these ever-changing times, there is one steadfast, our loving God. The mission of our ministry and the vision of the Church are to be aware of the needs of others and respond to these needs through increased prayer. We have a team of prayer warriors ready to pray for you. Please click here so one of our angels can lift your prayers to the Lord. Please note all requests will be treated as confidential unless you ask they be added to the prayer list.

Healing prayer service

Offering the community a private and intimate opportunity for healing prayers. We welcome those who are experiencing tremendous pain in heart, body or mind. Come into a fellowship of Christians who believe that miracles happen when people gather in the name of Jesus Christ. Our 7:30 pm service will be held twice per month on Wednesdays in classroom 104 in the Education courtyard, easily accessed from the back parking lot. Please see our calendar for upcoming services.