Please stand with St. Philip's United Methodist Church in support of Ukraine and Humanitarian Relief Efforts around the world. 

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manna bags

With so many people in need of food, our Manna Bags ministry continues to provide help in our community. Manna Bags are plastic bags containing some or all of the items listed below. Take one or more bags and keep them in your car or at home and give one to the person on the street corner asking for help or a person that God has placed in your path needing your help. During Advent, please bring any of the items listed to the church office between 9 am and 4 pm Monday through Friday or Sunday mornings. If you can’t get to the church, please contact the office at 713.666.2175 and we will arrange to pick up your donation.


• Potted meat—2 small cans or 1 big can

• Tuna—packaged or pop-top

• Beans—4.6 oz.-15.5 oz. 

• Vienna Sausages—2 small cans

 • Beef jerky/sticks

• Nuts


• Bottled water

• Juice (Capri Sun) or juice box


• Fruit cups

• Fruit bars

• Granola bars

• Apple sauce

• Dried Fruit (raisins/berries)


• Cookies (individually wrapped)

• Crackers

• Crackers with cheese

• Peanut butter (snack packs)


• Forks and spoons

• Shelter booklet and Upper Room booklet

• Toothbrush and toothpaste (travel size)

• Washcloth/soap

• Handi wipes

• Tissues (travel size)

• Hand Sanitizer (travel size)


• Socks


(in addition to the other items listed) 

• Goldfish crackers

• Animal crackers

• Pretzels

• Pudding cups

• Fruit chews

• Small stuffed toy


• Gloves

• Stocking Cap

• Scarf