Sunday School is here… are you participating? Come and see what you’re missing from 9:15 – 10:15 am each Sunday. Childcare is available during Sunday School and Worship for infants and toddlers up through 3 year olds in the Nursery building.

Savior: What the Bible Says About the Cross

Our class is now moving along to a series apropos to Lent. The cross is the central symbol of the Christian faith. But what exactly did Jesus do to save us from our sins? Why was the cross necessary, and what does it mean for us today?

In Savior: What the Bible Says About the Cross, Magrey deVega faithfully describes the need for reconciliation between humankind and a holy God through Jesus’ death on the cross. Over a six week period we will be studying several different Christian theories about the meaning of Jesus’ death on the cross. With assistance from a short video, weekly readings of a chapter in Savior and of selected scripture, and by discussion among ourselves, we will be exploring different ways Christians attempt to understand and to appreciate the sacrifice made by Jesus who was subjected to a painful and humiliating death by a Roman execution. Some of these theories will give us comfort and others will make us uncomfortable. We will listen to each other and will learn how to deepen our faith by discussing how Christians find comfort in a painful sacrifice made by Jesus.

We hope you will join us Sunday mornings at 9 am as we grow in our faith together. Led by John Guest, the class is open to all and meets in person in the Fellowship Hall and online via Zoom. 

Books will be available for purchase next week in the church office. The cost is $12.50 per book. Purchase of the book is not required to participate in the class.

The Other Class – Room 107

The Other Class is a group of working adults who are exploring Christ and the UMC through traditional lessons. This group includes younger adults with a wide range of knowledge levels of scripture. Please join us and see if this class is right for you.

Crossroads – Room 103

The Crossroads class is open to all adults who are interested in doing bible studies and some progressive exploration of the Bible. This group explores scripture through unique Bible study series. Everyone is encouraged to invite someone to church!

Youth Sunday School – Room 109-110

We will gather to learn more about the stories of the Bible and discuss what this has to do with our lives today.

Children’s Sunday School

Our Sunday School program helps children to know the love of God through Jesus and helps students grow in their faith by taking what they learn into their everyday lives. We meet in one class, for kids from 4 years to 5th grade. Children are also invited to gather at the front of the church for Childrens' Time during the service.