"face to face with jesus" weekly topics

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John the Baptist April 24, 2022

John the Baptist lived a unique life... so what can we do in the twenty-first century to emulate this forerunner of the Messiah? What life pattern can we adopt as ours while we seek to live godly lives? Dr. Sproul examines these thoughts in this message entitled "John the Baptist."

Paul May 1, 2022

What qualities would you expect to find in a Christian missionary candidate? How about a consuming hatred for the church, and a desire to see her wiped off the face of the earth? That's not exactly what we would expect in someone who would be responsible for taking the gospel into all the world. But in this message, Dr. Sproul talks about a man like this—the chief of sinners, who became the Apostle to the Gentiles.

Jairus' Daughter May 8, 2022

Is the Sovereign Lord of the Universe too busy for you? Do you feel as if your problems are on the bottom of His to-do list? There are many who begin to wonder if God will ever release them from their affliction. In the eighth chapter of Luke's Gospel, we read about two daughters who suffered unto poverty and even death; and in this message Dr. Sproul shows us how suffering, fear, and faith were used as opportunities for Jesus to exercise His healing touch.

The Woman at the Well May 15, 2022

Everyone hungers for significance. We all desire purpose and meaning as we occupy this world. But what is it in life that brings you the most satisfaction? Is it life itself? Dr. Sproul contemplates this as he looks at Jesus' encounter with a woman whose attempts for satisfaction only led her to public disgrace, in this message entitled 'The Woman at the Well."

The Rich, Young Ruler May 22, 2022

If you could ask Jesus just one question face-to-face, what would it be? In Scripture we can read a dialogue between Jesus and a man who had youth, wealth, and influence. But there was one thing he lacked. In this message, Dr. Sproul talks about the rich young ruler who asked the ultimate question.

*Class will not meet on May 29, 2022 in observance of Memorial Day*

The Adulterous Woman June 5, 2022

The Bible records Jesus writing only once. What did He write that day? What was so significant about the words He wrote, and what lesson can we learn from them? Thinking of this, Dr. Sproul talks about the woman caught in adultery, and how Christians should respond to fellow sinners in this message entitled "The Adulterous Woman."

Moses & Elijah June 12, 2022

The Mount of Transfiguration represents a crucial point in the life of Christ. But going to the mount was not the last stop on Jesus' ministry journeys. His earthly ministry did not end in a blaze of glory, rather the glory of Christ was manifested in a way Peter hoped would never happen. In this message, Dr. Sproul revisits the Mount of Transfiguration with Jesus, three of His disciples, and two rather unexpected visitors—"Moses and Elijah."

John the Beloved June 19, 2022

What is the appropriate response for people who meet Jesus face to face? Dr. Sproul explains what happened when the Son of Man made an unexpected visit to the Isle of Patmos, and talks about John's response in this message entitled "John the Beloved."