St. Philip's Las Posadas Celebration 2021

This year, our church will host a Las Posadas Celebration over the course of 4 nights from December 9th through December 12th. Each night, we invite members, friends, and neighbors to process with us out of the Sanctuary as we walk through the streets with Mary and Joseph singing carols and offering prayers by candlelight. At the end of each night there will be traditional fruit drinks and sweet breads for everyone to share. On Sunday, the final night of the event, the procession will end back at the church for a special service with music led by Baritone Soloist Juan Polanco and a Live Nativity scene acted out by our amazing Youth! Following the short service, everyone will be invited to the Fellowship Hall where we will have a Tamale Dinner with hot chocolate and sweets, piñatas for the children and young-at-heart adults to enjoy, and a very special hour of traditional music performed by Houston’s very own Mariachi Band: “Mariachi Luna Llena” from Rice University. This will be a week of extraordinary outreach and fellowship. Please take a packet of tickets and invite your friends and neighbors to come be a part of our first Las Posadas Celebration and help usher in the Advent Season with St. Philips United Methodist Church!

Background: What is Las Posadas?

Posadas originated in Spain and was later brought to the New World. In Mexico, Las Posadas is celebrated for nine days, from December 16th through the 24th. Las Posadas commemorates the difficult journey of Mary and Joseph from Nazareth to Bethlehem as they looked for a place to rest. The word “posada” means refuge or inn.

Traditionally, the Posadas celebration takes place in a home or in various homes. At each house, Mary and Joseph ask for refuge through a song. The pilgrims traveling with Mary and Joseph sing with them. Initially, the innkeepers refuse the Holy Family because they don’t recognize them.

Finally, the innkeepers recognize Joseph, the carpenter from Nazareth, and his wife Mary, the future mother of the “Divine Word” and they welcome them inside. Demonstrating hospitality at its finest, the innkeepers hold a party that includes time to socialize, eat, and break a piñata filled with trinkets and sweets.

While Las Posadas is celebrated in many different ways today, the theme of hospitality remains vital. Some communities celebrate all nine traditional days, while others opt for one, or two or more nights that symbolize the entire event. For some communities Las Posadas will be entirely in Spanish, while others will use multiple languages.

GCRBC Blood Drive at St. Philip's

     This holiday season, give the gift of life. Be a hero, donate blood!

Did you know one in seven people will need blood at some point in their lifetime, but only one in 20 eligible donors will donate? That’s only five percent! 

St. Philip's UMC is hosting a Gulf Coast Regional Center Blood Drive on Tuesday, December 28, 2021 from 9:30 am—1 pm. Please register here to donate if you are able! 

The Donor Coach will be in the back parking lot on the west side of the campus. Questions? Contact Ericka Harkins:

If you are fully vaccinated for COVID-19, face masks are no longer required to donate blood. We ask that you continue wearing face coverings if you are not fully vaccinated or you desire an additional level of safety.