The Lay Leadership of St. Philip’s United Methodist Church gathered together to define the mission of our church. During the workshops, the overwhelming thoughts centered around touching the lives of the congregation and those yet untouched in our neighborhood. By touching lives, each of us become a Disciple of Christ as we go into the world seeking others to join us. As such, the following Vision and Mission Statement were written: 

Our Vision: St. Philip’s is an active, thriving, multi-generational church where all persons gifts are valued and utilized. 

Our Mission: Touching Lives … Making Disciples For Christ

  • To seek and to welcome (recruit/attract visitors to our family of faith)
  • To share our faith in a way that others may relate to God (To offer an opportunity to become a part of God’s family and the family at St. Philip’s)
  • To nurture in faith (To offer ministry that will provide the opportunity for growth and knowledge of the love of God
  • To send into the world to live as Disciples (To offer opportunities for ministry in the name of Jesus Christ).

Our Purpose: Growing God’s Children and Sharing God’s Love by Seeking, Serving and Caring for All.